Wednesday, September 17, 2003

We all litigate in a Yellow Submarine

Yes, I'm back after a needed rest. Doing 41 posts at three in the morning is hard work...

Anyway, this article is causing quite a bit of buzz in the whole "Apple sues Apple for the eleventeen-hundreth time" thing. It looks like Steve might not be as willing to settle as his predecessors.

Here's what steve said:

Apple Corporation and Apple signed a legal agreement more than a decade ago. I wasn't there, and it says what each company can do with their trademark. I inherited that, and right now there's a disagreement about this. It's a trademark dispute... We might have to get a judge to decide on it.
See, when Apple and Apple reached their audio agreement (back then Apple was suing Apple over speakers) Steve Jobs was still in exile, happily buying Pixar and founding NeXT. I'm not positive who the CEO was at that time, but I'm guessing it was John Sculley, the man who Steve tried to overthrow in 1985 (thus leading to Steve's exile). But now Steve's simply inherited the agreement, and he doesn't seem to care for it.

I don't think Apple Corps. knows who their dealing with here. Steve's words sound a whole lot like fightin' words, and odds are Steve isn't going to let the Beatles beat him. Well, just as long as he doesn't wear anything "Blue Dalmatian" colored to the trial.


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