Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Watching, waiting, etc...

With the Grand Ol' Stevenote in Paris less than a week away, some interesting debates have started up. We aren't arguing over what Steve will announce, but whether he'll announce anything at all.

Current rumors suggest Apple might not stream the 3 a.m. keynote. But in all fairness, rumors a week before the WWDC keynote suggested the same thing. A not live stream might still be in the works (of course, I'd get up early for a live one, too).

Anyway, there's also some fuel for the good ol' Powerbook rumor fire today. Mac Rumors has noted that the iBook is reaching then end of its product cycle (italics!).

What does that mean for the Powerbooks? Nothing yet, but it seemed moderately interesting (to me, at least).


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