Saturday, September 20, 2003

Some iUpdates?

Mac Rumors is providing more info on a rumor first put forth by Think Secret a few days back regarding iSync 1.2 and iCal 1.5 (both added to the "Rumor Watch").

Why yes, it is a slow rumor day.

Apparently iSync will support more phones and more Calendar syncing, while iCal will see an upgrade to its interface, with more preferences and some nifty new features. Mac Rumors has a list of expected new features, as revealed by the latest Panther builds.

The iSync revision is pretty minor, but it'll be good to see iCal get a needed boost. While iCal is definitely nifty, it lacks a lot of features. Instead of being elegantly simple and powerful, iCal is just simple (and, truth be told, a little weak).

Yep. A slow rumor day.


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