Sunday, September 14, 2003

Powerbook Fever!

Stevenote in 34.5 hours

(See "Holy confirmation, Batman!" below)

Now that we're all getting into Powerbook speculation mode, here's a more in-depth look at the current prediction situation.

First off, Mac Rumors is now being very clear that "3 models" doesn't necessarily mean a 12", 15", and 17". In fact, it could mean two 15" and a 17" or maybe three 15" (although a $1000 price range on one model would be more than a little odd). The little 12 incher may have to wait a bit longer for its revision.

Meanwhile, the real speculation is going into possible specs for the new 'books. While Motorola 7457s have been generally expected (they're the latest G4s), quite a few people have begun wondering about the G5.

Truth be told, a Powerbook G5 is a real possibility. And no, the G5 isn't too power hungry. At 1.6, 1.8, and 2 GHz speeds, the G5 requires a lot of power, but IBM can make the 970 slower. In fact, there're documents claiming that at speeds around 1.2 GHz, the G5/970 actually uses less power than the G4s currently used in Powerbooks.

And no, the G5 isn't too hot. The Powermac G5 needs super-cooling because it has an entire system custom-built around the G5. It has an 800 MHz to 1 GHz system bus, high speed processors, and all sorts of heat generating neat-o tech.

The bottom line is that a Powerbook G5 is a possibility. It wouldn't have the overall power of Powermac G5s, but it would definitely top the G4.

All that said, come Tuesday new Powerbook G4s are more likely to see the light of day. The G5 will probably make its way into portables next year.


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