Sunday, September 14, 2003

More crazy Apple Trademarks!

If you don't already know, Apple owns all sorts of interesting trademarks that they don't seem to use, or just aren't using yet.

The latest weird trademark (as noted at Mac Rumors): "Garage Band"

Yes, let's all go out and buy our own Apple Garage Bands!

Other current unused trademarks include "Junkyard", "XGrid", "Gigawire", and several OS X-like wild cat names (Lynx, Tiger, Leopard, and Cougar).

While some of these trademarks seem to make sense (many people speculated Firewire 800 was "Gigawire"), "Junkyard" and "Garage Band" seem just a little odd.

Then again, what should we really expect from the company that owns


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