Monday, September 15, 2003

Keynote Fever!

Keynote in 6 hours...

With the "Stevenote in Paris" (as I've taken to calling it) just six hours away, here's the skinny on MacUnderground's live coverage (oh boy!).

The keynote begins at 10 a.m. in Paris, which translates to 3 a.m. in my home time zone (Central Daylight Time). Coverage will begin then, probably with a simple "Hello".

Here's the catch with any "live coverage" of the keynote: Apple isn't streaming it. I'll be getting all my up-to-the-minute info from sources like Mac Rumors,, and IRC. Still, rest assured that you don't have to do that yourself, because I'll do it for you (because I'm just a nice guy like that).

Like I said, coverage begins at oh-three-hundred-hours CDT, so be sure to tune in (or just check in when you get up tomorrow morning at some reasonable time, like 4 a.m., or 4:30).


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