Thursday, September 18, 2003

It's like Powerbook rumors, just with an i...

Mac Rumors has put together some information on the next Apple product in need of an update, the iBook.

The last iBook update was a fairly insignificant speed bump back in April (or May, or one of those springy-summer months), and now with the Powerbooks (finally!) out of the way the iBook has some room to grow.

Still, Apple's going to have a tricky balancing act on their hands when they update the iBook. The 12" Powerbook is a very good seller, acting as a great "prosumer" laptop, and Apple wouldn't want to screw that up. They'll need to make the iBook better, just not a whole lot better. I wouldn't expect a major iBook revision until the Powerbooks are running G5s (assuming that's sometime next year).


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