Monday, September 15, 2003

Expo Fever!

Keynote in 13 hours...

As if confirmed Powerbooks (see "Holy confirmation, Batman!" and "Powerbook fever!" below) didn't bring in enough speculation and excitement, Think Secret now claims that Apple also plans on rolling out a Special Edition 40 GB iPod at Apple Expo.

Think Secret cites a "reliable source" (famous last words), but claims that it's one of their more reliable reliable sources. Even with that vote of confidence, they don't actually know what will make the Special Edition iPod special. Their best guess is some kind of new remote.

Also slated for an expo announcement (along with Powerbooks, of course) are rumored iPod peripherals, although nobody can seem to figure out what those really are, either.

It might be sketchy, but it's all coming from credible sites. We'll know exactly how reliable some of these sources are in just a few hours...


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