Thursday, September 25, 2003

Dell copying Apple? No way!

Here's one for the always getting bigger "PCs copying Apple in the most shameless and blatantly obvious ways" book.

Dell has - as expected - announced not just their own mp3 player, but their own music store.

You want to hear their names?
The "Digital Jukebox" ("DJ", get it?)
and the "Apple Music Store".

Correction: It's called the "Apple Rip Off Music Store"

So, coming this holiday season PC users will be able to download songs from an indeterminate-sized collection for a yet-to-be-decided price. And guess what? The details of the fantastic "Dell Music Store" haven't been announced, either!

And here's a pic of this wonderful new "Dell DJ".

Why yes, it does look like a hideous iPod reject.

Boy, this should be interesting...


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