Friday, September 05, 2003

The definition of vague...

Mac Rumors Page 2 points out the latest unreliable rumor out of France.

MacBidouille is claiming that several sources have told them to check Apple's website on Monday. Of course, isn't MacBidouille be checking on a daily basis? Seems pretty fundamental to me.

Anyway, these sources apparently aren't giving MacBidouille any clues as to why they should check especially on Monday, but that's the entire rumor. Check Apple's website on Monday. That's really the whole shebang.

Who knows what this might wind up producing! Maybe Apple will advertise another one of their many products on the homepage! Or maybe they'll add a new "Hot News" item (let's keep our fingers crossed on that one)!

Sarcasm aside, it seems unlikely that we'll see new Powerbooks or etc. out of this rumor. It's more conjecture and speculation than anything else.

Or is it?
(Yes, it probably is)


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