Saturday, September 27, 2003

Brave new Finder...

An editorial response to yesterday's post "Welcome to interface country".

As I mentioned yesterday, new rumors suggest Apple will be tweaking Panther's new brushed metal Finder over the next year or so to look "darker" and "smoother". Hopefully this will give a slightly more distinctive look to Finder windows, which currently look just like the windows in any other iApp.

Now some people really (really) don't like brushed metal. Other people just don't think metal belongs in the Finder. Either way (although the latter of the two generally makes far more rational arguments), these people - and you might be one of them - are worried about what this brave new Finder will be like.

Relax folks, it isn't that bad.

I've been using Panther since late-June (it's an earlier seed, version 7A202), and I'm completely used to it now. Jaguar feels "different", not Panther. And I don't have a problem with the Finder.

In all fairness, I'm not anti-metal. I think it looks good in a lot of applications, particularly the iApps. That said, I did have some reservations about a metal Finder. It seemed a little bold. But it isn't that bad. And you get used to it.

In fact, overall the Finder has improved. The window layout makes moving around your volumes, directories, and documents generally faster than it was before. Having navigational controls in their own little section in the left part of the window works very well (although you can place folder up top if you want to).

Of course, if you really just hate this new Finder with a passion (at least I tried to help) you can always simply change its theme with an application like Duality.

And really, why are we complaining when we have colorful labels again?!

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