Monday, September 08, 2003

Announcements ho!

Yes, they've finally announced Powerbooks!
Ha ha ha ha! Just kidding!

Seriously though, today Apple not just announced new iMacs foretold by Mac Rumors, but also the 40 GB iPod - along with a new 20 GB model - "recklessly" predicted by As the Apple Turns.

The iPods also feature a new marketing look. The devices are the same, but the ads feature hip colors. You know what that means...
Apple is finally returning to funky colors! (I'm pre-ordering my Blue Dalmatian iSight right now)

And as if this isn't already enough, Mac Rumors is now predicting an unknown software announcement tomorrow, and another one for next week (Stevenote in Paris) along with an "unexpected" announcement (again, at the Stevenote).

And, as if that wasn't even more than enough as well, Mac Rumors also says that the upcoming software announcements won't be the iTunes Music Store for Windows (there are rumblings indicating a delay at Apple) and also won't be new Powerbooks (but I really hope nobody has confused a Powerbook with a piece of software).

And, as if all of this hasn't already been enough to make you sick, Mac Rumors also says that iCal and iSync are due for updates. These could be part of the mysterious software announcements, or not.

AND, both the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox are in first place, suggesting that anything - no matter how stupid or unlikely - is both rational and likey to happen in the near future. (Cancel that Blue Dalmatian iSight order, I'm gonna get a Flower Power iPhone!)

Let's just hope there's a 2:00 AM live webcast of Steve's AppleExpo keynote (it's not like you need sleep).


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