Tuesday, August 12, 2003

That's all, folks!?

According to Think Secret, IDG World Expo has basically warned Boston's mayor and tourism department that next summer's MacWorld won't be held their city. In fact, the summer MacWorld might be done for.

The article goes on to note Apple's "waning" support for a summer show (as if that wasn't obvious), even in New York City. While it appears - for the time being - that IDG is still interested in some sort of summer expo, Think Secret reports that this show wouldn't even carry the name "MacWorld" and would be dependent on Windows developers showing up. It's name would simply be "CreativePro" (hmm... sounds vaguely familiar...).

It's pretty clear that Apple just doesn't want to maintain three American trade shows a year. June's blockbuster WWDC successfully demonstrated the usually quiet show's ability to wow both developers and consumers (you know, that "G5" thing). And the iTunes Music Store's press conference introduction back in Spring tested out an alternative, "Expo-less Keynote" for making big announcements.

MacWorld is dead! Long live (the other) MacWorld!


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