Friday, August 22, 2003

Reporting live from the Apple Store...

Just because I'm away from home base doesn't mean I can't chime in on the latest buzz!

Yes, with Powerbook updates possibly arriving in mere minutes (or in several weeks, but let's stay upbeat), Mac Rumors is posting even more up-to-the minute rumors and speculation (and we really haven't had enough Powerbook rumors yet).

Today Mac Rumors is citing a "reliable report" that could very well prove how little we really know about this upcoming revision. This report claims that the new 15" Powerbook may not sport the now long-rumored 15.4" screen. Instead, the new Aluminum Book will stick with a 15.2" screen size (although that doesn't necessarily mean it will have the same dimentions).

Now we just wait a little itsy bit longer (or maybe it'll be next week, who really knows anyway?)...


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