Monday, August 18, 2003

More Powerbook rumors! Updated!

Remember Think Secret's article from this morning? Remember how it didn't address the 12" Powerbook? Now it does!

Think Secret has updated the article with their latest info. The site now claims that the 12" Powerbook will be updated in September.

In my last post I said that I still believed the 12" would be updated with the 15 and 17 inch models, but Think Secret admittedly had no info on 12" Powerbook then. Considering the site's accuracy (probably the best on the net), I'm inclined to believe its latest report and have updated the Rumor Watch to match this development.

Of course, the 12" could still arrive with the 15 and 17 inch machines, but there's been so little release details about these new machines that there's almost no reports conflicting with Think Secret's claims.

At least two more weeks of Powerbook rumors to come!


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