Tuesday, August 19, 2003

More! More! More!

Yes, as if Monday's Powerbook report from Think Secret somehow wasn't a big enough Powerbook rumor fix, PowerPage has chimed in with even more!

So, if you haven't already over-dosed on random unsubstantiated Powerbook rumors from nameless but so-called "reliable" sources, click right here to read the whole shebang.

If you're about to go comatose from the constant stream of Powerbook talk, here's a basic rundown of what PowerPage has to say.

- A "reliable source" has seen the new 15" Powerbook in the box (Yes! Another chance to use both quotation marks and italics together!)
- All three Powerbooks will be updated this week
- All three Powerbooks will have nVIDIA graphics cards, but they'll move back to ATI at the next revision (in all fairness, this is at least something different. It'll be interesting to see if PowerPage is right about this)
- Sketchy details!
And finally (and possibly most interesting)...
- A fourth product announcement this week. PowerPage isn't sure what it'll be, but toys with ideas like updated iBooks, a new tablet, or (what they consider most likely) some kind of audio application. (Have they considered that this "fourth announcement" might be the G5 shipping?)

You know, for the sake of everyone's sanity (or what's left of everyone's sanity) I hope all three Powerbooks are updated this week.

Anyway, there's no way to know whether PowerPage's "reliable source" is actually reliable (or actually a source), so be sure to take this rumor with an extra grain of salt. Although, at this point I think most people are taking these Powerbook rumors with the whole salt shaker (that would explain the high blood pressure...).


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