Friday, August 08, 2003

G'day, Aloha, and otherwise Hello.

Yes, I'm back. It just took 30 hours of traveling on three different flights, connecting four airports across two countries on either end of an ocean. I got back yesterday, but it's taken 15 hours of sleep (and a bit of time on the net) to get back up to speed on the latest Mac rumors. Here's what I've caught up on so far.

- Powerbooks still haven't been updated, delays on the 15" model are apparently to blame.
- MacBidouille claims that an announcement is coming on the 18th or 19th (Mon or Tues), with Powerbooks being the most likely subject.
- MacBidouille also claims that Apple might be putting together a Dual 1.8 GHz G5 to take pressure off Dual 2 GHz production.
- Powermac G5s may or may not be shipping.
- Even more talk of wireless keyboards and mice is surfacing, but that's not really anything new.
- had some Macs for sale, but pulled them (of course, this is just a minor installment of the ever-ongoing Apple/Best Buy soap opera).
- Back to Powerbooks, MacWorld UK claims that resellers are running out of Powerbooks over there (by the way, Australia has its own edition of MacWorld, but I'll mention that in another post).
- Powerbook shipping times are slowly creeping up, with the 12" at 3 to 5 business days, the 15" at 5 to 7 business days, and the 17" at same business day (okay, so they aren't all creeping up).
- I'll also mention that while it generally seems that problems with the production of the 15.4" Aluminum Powerbook are holding back Powerbook updates, MacBidouille is claiming that delays with the PPC 7457 (the next G4) at Motorola are the problem (and for all we know, it could be all of the above).
- But to counter MacBidouille's claim, claims that Moto is already selling another product based on the PPC 7457.
- And to wrap up, there's also been a bit of talk regarding the PowerPC 980 and 990 concerning clock speeds and the arrival of AltiVec 2 (in the 990, sometime in 2005).

Whew. More on everything as I get settled in back home. The site's html should be updated sometime this weekend, with an update on the "Rumor Watch" included.
And yes, it's good to be back on my Mac.


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