Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Even more Powerbook rumors!

Mac Rumors has put together yet another grouping of Powerbook rumors, this time offering some interesting - although speculative - insight at the (possibly) upcoming update.

Here's what Mac Rumors thinks is in store after looking through the endless pile of Powerbook rumors:
- A thinner 12" Powerbook
- Clock speeds reaching 1.33 GHz
- Backlit keyboard and FireWire 800 on all models

It sounds good. It also sounds reasonable. It could very well be what Apple actually releases. The only thing that bothers me is some of the sources Mac Rumors cites. These include Mac OS Rumors and Kodawarisan.

My misgivings about the sources aside, Mac Rumors definitely has a talent for separating fact from fiction in these rumors. While there's still no way to know when we'll actually see these updates (although next week is still a possibility), we're getting an ever-more-clear picture of what they'll be.


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