Monday, August 18, 2003

Even many much much more Powerbook rumors!

Think Secret has finally tossed its hat in the ring with a brand new Powerbook rumor.

According to the report, Apple finished development of new 15" and 17" Powerbooks earlier this month and may announce the machines later this week. The new 'books will be running Blackrider, a 10.2.7 Jaguar-variant similar to the G5's Smeagol.

But what about the 12"?

While Think Secret admits that there's evidence pointing to a 12" revision, the article claims that the 12 incher may not be updated with its larger siblings.

Personally, I think the 12" will be updated with 15 and 17 inch models. Think Secret tends to be very accurate, but there's been such an overwhelming amount of rumors regarding the 12" individually and the entire line as a group. And since Think Secret admits that it doesn't know for sure about the 12 incher, it seems more likely that it will be updated.


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