Monday, August 25, 2003

Begin Stevenote countdown...

Mac Rumors might not be feeding us any new Powerbook rumors today, but instead they're reporting that Apple Germany has confirmed that Steve Jobs himself will present the Apple Expo Paris keynote.

What Steve could announce at the keynote is anyone's guess right now, but possibilities include Panther's release, new iPod "peripherials" (see here), iTunes for Windows' release, a new hardware device, updated iMacs, a long-rumored audio iApp, or maybe even new Powerbooks (but let's not get our hopes up!).

But I think we can rest assured that Steve's going to have something pretty damn cool up his sleeve for his fourth Stevenote of the year (1. MacworldSF; 2. iTMS Press Conference; 3. WWDC; and 4. Apple Expo).

Apple Expo runs from September 16 through the 20th. No plans for a webcast or Apple Store presentation have been announced, and the Expo keynote hasn't been webcast in past years.

Needless to say, we should all hoard bottled water and break out our black turtlenecks.


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