Friday, July 11, 2003

It's an Xserve thingy?

With that Macworld Create thingy less than a week away InfoWorld has published this odd rumorish article pushing forward speculation about G5 Xserves.

The article basically cites Spymac and Mac Rumors, along with their own reseller source, claiming that there's plenty of evidence that Steve Jobs will announce G5 "xServes" in his Keynote speech on Wednesday.

What? Steve Jobs isn't speaking? There's no keynote speech? It's spelled "Xserve"?!

Yes, while InfoWorld does have a fairly convincing unnamed reseller source who claims that sales of the "xServe" have basically stopped since the G5 announcement (although I think most of us could've guessed that), the article also appears to be under the impression that Steve Jobs is giving a Keynote speech. They also mis-capitalize Xserve over and over again.

Misinformation aside, it's a moderately interesting rumor. But it's no Powerbook rumor. And that's where even more trouble lies.

The general feeling I have right now is that if Apple doesn't announce 15.4 inch Powerbooks at the thingy, Greg Jowasiak will probably be attacked by the massive crowd of disgruntled Mac fans. Then again, maybe that's why Steve isn't doing the speech himself (just kidding, of course)...

I mean, sure Xserves are stackable, but we've been waiting too freakin' long for these Powerbooks.
Wait a sec... You can stack Powerbooks too! Hmm...


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