Monday, July 07, 2003

Get your groove on...

Two interesting iTunes Music Store tidbits today, both from blurbs over at MacMinute.

First off we've got Ecast claiming that Apple has put them out of business with the iTMS. Apparently Ecast is an online music distributer (I say "apparently" because I've never ever heard of them), and they say that Apple - as well as other companies - simply pushed them out of the business (excuse me if I'm not weeping).

Secondly (and lastly, I suppose) is Apple's grab of not just an excluse track, but an entire exclusive album for the iTMS. Doesn't that sound just great? Well, there's a catch. The "Exclusive Album" is the soundtrack to the upcoming "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" (excuse me if I'm not rushing to download it). But, considering the fact that there won't be a single CD of the soundtrack produced (legally, at least), it's a victory for Apple (a strange victory...).

Groovy, I guess (maybe)...


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