Monday, July 07, 2003

The "Final Cut" for Adobe...

In yet another twist in the "strained-but-they-really-love-eachother" relationship between Adobe and Apple, Adobe has decided to stop producing Adobe Premier for the Mac (excuse me if I'm not distraught).

Really, it looks like a no-brainer for Adobe when you consider that nearly 90 percent of Premier's users are on Pee-Cees. Now before crazed Pee-Cee users start running around claiming that Macs are no good for movie editing, it should be made clear that the reason almost noone buys Premier for the Mac is because Final Cut Pro is way better (well duh, it's made by Apple).

What's actually somewhat odd is what Adobe's David Trescot said about the overall situation:

"I think you're going to find that more and more -- if Apple's in a software market, third-party vendors are going to skip it."
(Excuse me if I think this guy is acting like a jerk)
(...because for all I know he could really be a very nice person.)

Then again, when you consider Safari's success, and the related drop of Internet Explorer for Mac, you see that this all very good. Period. Really, what could possibly go wrong?

Alright, something could go wrong. Apple needs to pick and choose where to develop software (at least for the time being), especially freeware (like most of the iApps). Andy Ihnatko had a really good editorial in Macworld a while back about Apple's free software has some bad side effects (okay, so I'm rambling off topic a bit).

Anyway, I wouldn't worry about Apple as long as Adobe keeps making Photoshop for Mac. And as long as Apple makes a decent office suite that's Microsoft Office compatible, but much much better than any piece of trash Microsoft makes (oh, and it needs to be cheaper, too).

(Excuse me if I've used the "excuse me if I..." thing too much)


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