Saturday, July 05, 2003

The case of the pulled Panther pics...

While rumors have generally slowed down in a quiet post-Stevenote lull (too quiet, if you ask me), Apple Legal still seems to be at work (seriously, don't they ever take a vacation?).

Back on Monday Think Secret posted a bunch of pics of Panther, apparently kicking off a series of reports on the new OS. While a whole bunch of developers already have the OS themselves - as well as some "other" Mac users (myself included) - Apple Legal still felt it necessary to demand that the pics be pulled.

It really seems pointless for Apple to pull the pics when just about every Mac-related forum is now home to dozens of Panther screenshots, but questioning Apple Legal's decisions is a dangerous game (like Risk).

Speaking of Panther pics, I'm taking screenshot after screenshot of the Panther preview to pack into the next issue of "The Edition". It'll be one big Panther Gallery, complete with a bit of commentary (it should be ready in just about two weeks).



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