Thursday, July 10, 2003

Are the Powerbooks here yet?

There's more Powerbook buzz (particularly for the 15 incher) as MacWorld Creative Pro, or "The Create Thingy" as I like to call it, draws nearer.

Considering how few rumors have surfaced lately, there's a lot of caution in current speculation. Statements along the lines of "Revised 15" Powerbooks are a possibility to consider thinking about" are surfacing at rumor sites.

Here's my opinion (warning: I'm tired): Where the hell are these freakin' 15 inch Powerbooks?! Dammit, Steve! We've been waiting six freakin' months! (don't say I didn't warn you)

It simply comes down to this point: We've been waiting way too long for this one Powerbook update. At the same time, many sites are refusing to really predict anything because they're afraid of falling into an 3G iPod-like rut (you remember, right? Last spring, when everyone kept predicting iPods for the next Tuesday, and then the next Tuesday, and so on).

Here's my slightly reasoned thinking: There's a strong possibility (the terms "high probability" and "big chance" also would apply) that Apple will finally announce an updated 15 inch Powerbook during their presentation at the Create thingy (Greg Joswiak, Apple's VP of Hardware and Product Marketing, will be the presentator. Some people have pointed out the fact that he works in hardware as a sign of a Powerbook announcement). There's also a vague possibility (I'm going to stress the word "vague", for now at least) that Apple will also update the 12 inch Powerbook (the only real evidence being the recent price drop). As for the 17 inch Powerbook, an update is possible, but I definitely don't expect it right now.

I think what we really have to wonder is when the hell will the 15 inch Powerbook be updated if it isn't at the Create thingy?! But it's probably not a good idea to raise our blood pressure like that.

Well (just for kicks), the Powerbook update is (possibly) Next Wednesday!


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