Sunday, July 06, 2003

25 GHz?!

Warning: This will make your computer feel very slow (even that Dual-2 GHz G5 you just ordered).

Mac Rumors has posted unconfirmed data on the future of IBM's PowerPC Processors, and their role in Apple products. It spans all the way from the 970 to the 9900, five years down the line.

Of immediate (as in the next year or so) interest are the 970 (of course) and the 980. Apparently the 970 won't be the processor to meet Steve Jobs 3 GHz promise, but the 980 should fit the bill perfectly. While the 970 will top out around 2.8 GHz, the 980 will be introduced around 3 GHz and won't top out until nearly 5 GHz.

It all relates to Apple with the G5's introduction in Powerbooks (predicted for Jan/Feb 2004, where a MWSF announcement would be a possibility), Xserves (predicted for later this year), and in the trusty ol' iMac (not surprisingly, a year away).

If we look really far down the road (time for the "Wow" factor of this rumor) we see two more processors in development. There's the PPC 990 and the 9900 (which answers the question of what comes after 990). The 990 should see the light of day sometime around 2005/2006, with clock speeds pushing from 6 GHz to 10 GHz (oooohhhh...). But the really good news comes from the 9900 (targeted around 2007/2008) which should hit 20 to 25 GHz (oooohhhh...).

The Mac Rumors post has tons of interesting info about the 980 (back to the near future) and its features list. While Mac Rumors does make a point that the info (about the 970, 980, 990, and 9900) is unconfirmed, it's obviously good enough to make the front page (so it can't be completely unconfirmed).

Just think of the ads... "The new Powermac G7 has enough processing power to completely destroy the city of Redmond, Washington..."


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