Monday, June 23, 2003

WWDC Thoughts...

Well, I've given the Reality Distortion Field some time to wear off, and here are my general impressions coming away from the Stevenote.

Good stuff:
- The G5 is infinitely awesome
- Powermac G5s are priced well (Now that's a surprise)
- Panther looks very cool
- iChat AV looks nice
- iSight is sleek

Not so good stuff:
- G5 not shipping until September (never mind what Steve said about August, the guy at the Apple store read an official message from Cupertino that says "September" for the new Powermacs. We'll have to wait and see who's right...)
- Panther's $129 price tag isn't justified
- Panther's release date is too vague
- iSight is freakin' expensive
- 15" Powerbook is now way overdue for an update

It winds up being a generally even balance between good stuff and not so good stuff.

It now appears that Apple's going to sit on the new Powerbooks for another month, releasing them during the Create conference in New York. There's not yet confirmation of this, but it seems like a strong possibility. The 12" Powerbook may or may not be updated, although its recent price drop suggests that something new is coming.


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