Friday, June 20, 2003

WWDC Shirts! (Whoo!)

Yes, if you head over to the MacUnderground Webstore now you can check out (and even buy) the new "WWDC 2003" shirts.

All the shirts feature the same image, but it's a nice one, looking back at the major rumors leading up to the expo. The front simply says: "The most important keynote. Ever.", with "WWDC 2003" below that.

And, because it's such a special event, I've made the design available on three new shirts. You can remember this year's WWDC in a long sleeve t-shirt, a sweater, and even a night shirt (for some 64-bit dreams).

Make sure you get one now (if you're so nice and kind enough to buy one), because in just a few weeks, the old new products (i.e. those very nice "Col. Panic!" shirts) will be back.


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