Thursday, June 19, 2003

What happens when a single forum post becomes acredited information...

Some fine person in the AppleInsider forums has apparently just decided the outcome of the WWDC Keynote for us (oh thank goodness!). Just as a note, my understanding of the content of this post comes from Mac Rumors and not the original content (viewing the original post requires registration that I don't have the energy to deal with).

Basically this person says the low-end Powermacs will have immediate availability (boxes, anyone?), and that higher end models will have a longer wait attached to them (about five weeks).

But here's the interesting part: The person goes on to claim that Apple won't release new 15" Powerbooks at WWDC, thus breaking with conventional wisdom and about fifty-bajillion recent rumors (cut me some slack on the writing, it's 12:15 a.m., I'm just a little tired).

So, do we believe a well thought out and generall accepted rumor, or do we believe one post in the Insider's forums? Especially the recent price drops are brought into consideration, I'm sticking with the Powerbook rumors.

Also, it should be noted that this is not an argument about Powerbook 970s versus Powerbook G4s at the next update. This post claims there will be no new Powerbooks at all.

And there's just a bit more new info, too (I'm still following Mac Rumors here, as I'm really too tired to do much else). Apparently the good French folks at MacBidouille have dropped a little something in our laps. Here's the quote:

The PPC 970 Power Macs should be available as soon as their announcement at the WWDC except for the High end model which needs two more weeks. They should arrive to the distributors in the weekend.
While this seems like it tends to fit with the Insider post, it actually differs in two major ways. First, MacBidouille claims that only one model won't be ready, while the Insider post is more vague, suggesting more than one model may have a wait attached to it. And B: (slightly more obvious) MacBidouille claims the top model will be available three weeks sooner than the all-knowing post.

Ah, it's beginning to look a lot like MacWorld... (and it's only WWDC!)

By the way, any type-os, inconsistencies, threats against "The Man", and things like that can be attributed to my need for sleep. Goodnight, and nothing interesting better happen for the next nine hours.


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