Saturday, June 28, 2003


Yes, I'm off on vacation. I'll be gone all of Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. In other words, I'll be back Friday.

Until I'm back, I recommend getting your rumor fix from any one of the three sites in the Rumor Links section (although AtAT is more for entertainment).

And, speaking of a section of the site, you may have noticed (just maybe) that the site looks just a little different. Since the "new" Blogger offers new HTML templates to work with, I decided a little change of scenery was in order.

If you've got any suggestions, comments, etc. about the site's look feel free to email them to (although I won't read them until I get back from vacation; see "Vacation!", above, below, and both your left and right).

When I get back from vacation, I'll be spilling the beans about Panther, and why I think it's awesome. You'll also get to see a whole bunch of Panther screen shots in the next issue of The Edition (by the way, I'll restore The Edition's links next weekend, sorry 'bout that).


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