Friday, June 20, 2003

Time to double down...

After taking a majority of the day to rest (perhaps staying up to keep an eye on those leaked specs wasn't such a good idea after all...), I'm back up to speed this evening with some more interesting WWDC talk.

First, there are predictions to talk about. With the keynote less than three days away, now's the time for rumormongers to place their bets. While Powermac specs shouldn't be too hard to predict (if you don't know what I'm talking about, see "Breaking News!!!" and all three installments of "Specs!", below), there are still many other things to consider.

Not just can we speculate about Powermac design and shipping times, but there's the Powerbook rumors (see "Welcome to 970 country?", below), "Viceroy" iChat, Q8 and Q6 (for all three of those see "Boxes, Blackrider, and more..." and "The codenamegame...", below), and Panther itself, which has taken a back seat to hardware rumors recently.

The first site to chime in with predictions towards WWDC happens to be the site with the most riding on the event, MacWhispers. While many think that a failing grade on these predictions may close up MacWhispers for good, the site has decided not to be conservative in what they say, posting a new article today that goes as far as to claim that the iMac may move the 970 within a month (that's just a little gutsy...).

Apparently MacWhispers pulled all the stops in contacting every available hardware source and coming up with a prediction that has the WWDC Keynote featuring Powermac 970s (of course) and Powerbook 970s. While that's not too radical of a prediction, the article goes on to claim that the entire Powerbook line is ready to move to the 970, that the Xserve 970 is ready to go, and that the iMac (as I mentioned moments ago) is mere weeks from being ready, too.

Basically put, MacWhispers has just made one big wager on an incrediby fast - and incrediby big - transition to the 970. The article even claims that the transition should be nearly complete by Christmas (fast indeed). What's interesting about the article though is that it doesn't predict what the "Q6" gadget might be, leaving us still in the dark there.

There's more to follow later today, and you can expect me to chime in with MacUnderground's predictions some time Sunday.


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