Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Things are heating up...

MacWhispers has now released its inside information regarding the PowerPC 970, and it's quite interesting...

Of the most interest is that Powermacs with single 970 processors are currently being manufactured; Powerbook with single 970s are currently being manufactured; Powermacs with dual 970s are not yet in production, but are ready to go into production at any time; and that the case design will see metallic-looking plastics, as well as a long-reported front panel of anodized aluminum, and will include handles, but in a different form from the current design (talk about a run-on sentence, there).

This is very interesting because not just is there some new information here, but much of it fits in with the existing MacBidouille/AppleInsider rumors. That said, MacWhispers latest info is unique for predicting Powerbook 970s (and it should be noted that MacUnderground is also predicting Powerbook 970s).

What makes this all so unusual, though, is that while rumors from MacBioudille, AppleInsider, and MacWhispers fit together in some places, they don't in just as many places. This is particularly strange with MacBidouille and AppleInsider since they claim to have the same source for their rumors.

We could also see a response from Apple Legal towards MacWhispers report at any time in the next few days (see "Apple Legal strikes!" below).

All this before breakfast, too...


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