Sunday, June 01, 2003

Take two for the Cube?

MacPlus reports that a product line revamp is in the works, with the introduction of a G4 "box."

The "box" would be a low-end machine, priced around $599, targeted at getting switchers over to the Mac; it's a space currently unfilled on the Apple product line. When you think about it, it's easy to see this as an opening for Steve to release a new G4 Cube (in case you didn't know, Steve Jobs has been overheard calling the ill-fated Cube one of his all-time favorite machine designs).

You may recall that MacWhispers reported on a very sketchy rumor involving a new Cube-shaped Mac a few weeks back. While they suggested that it could be some kind of Twentieth Anniversary model, it might very well be this G4 box instead. I wouldn't be surprised if MacWhispers revisits their old report in the coming weeks.

If this so-called Cube is on its way, we won't see it until after the Powermac line goes over to the PowerPC 970 so there's no "cannibalization" by the new box. But, speaking of cannibals, there's a real possibility that the new box would hurt eMac sales (or vice versa). But Apple could do quite a bit to prevent such a thing from happening, so don't count this rumor out.

Ah, cannibals and cubes. The perfect way to end a post.


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