Sunday, June 22, 2003

So very close...

With the keynote now just one day away, you'll notice that the "Rumor Watch" column has changed a bit. The new "WWDC Rumor Watch" column features each of my predictions and the possibility that we'll see them.

Obviously new G5 Powermacs will arrive, per Thursday's leaked specs. The real questions (besides "What will the new Powermacs look like?") are about nearly everything else. There's Panther (screen shots were leaked yesterday, see "Faster kitty!", below), iChat (codenamed "Viceroy"), the iChat webcam ("Q8"), the mysterious device known only as "Q6" (see "Boxes, Blackrider, and more", from Thursday), and (of course) Powerbooks.

The mysterious "Q6" aside, the big question is about the Powerbooks. A new 15" Aluminum Powerbook is expected, but there's no way to tell whether it will have a G4 or a 970 under its hood. While there's definitely evidence to suggest a Powerbook "G5" (i.e. 970), so little is known about the 970 the no one's even sure there's a portable chip ready (although there are rumors that suggest there is).

There's recent info to back up Powerbook 970 claims. The leaked Powermac specs revealed no model using a 1.2 or 1.4 GHz chip. There's been evidence that IBM has been producing 970s at both of these speeds, and IBM isn't producing 970-powered Blade Servers yet (therefore, Apple may be the only company using the chips currently being manufactured).

So, while there's evidence to support a Powerbook 970 prediction, I'm only giving it a "Maybe" status. This is mostly because I want to make sure that expectations for the keynote are realistic. The 15" Powerbook will be updated, and updates to the other Powerbook models is a possibility.

One thing that can be said for sure, considering the various leaks and lack thereof, is that this may very well be the most important keynote speech in Apple's history (and it looks like it'll be an entertaining one at that!).


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