Monday, June 09, 2003

Score one for Think Secret...

Apple has released a new Security Update via Software Update. Not too interesting, I know, but Think Secret accurately predicted this update in a post earlier today.

TS has actually been on quite a winning streak with its rumors, some of which (regarding the recent iSync 1.1 and Keynote 1.1 updates) were pulled by request of Apple Legal.

Considering today's Security Update, we should probably expect Apple to make version 2.0.1 of the iPod software available later this week. TS predicts it in the same post from this morning.

What's interesting about TS's recent accuracy is that it's almost exclusive to software updates, which are somewhat harder to get inside info on. While hardware has to be designed, the components manufactured, then assembled, and shipped, software (particularly downloads) stay much closer to Apple's base of operations.

Ya know, a juicy Powermac 970 rumor would be pretty nice (hint, hint!)...


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