Saturday, June 07, 2003

More fishy than Pal...

Mac Rumors has posted a completely unconfirmed rumor on its Page 2 claiming that Powerbooks will be updated the day after the WWDC Keynote.

The rumor states that Powerbooks will simply see speed bump updates on June 24 at 9 a.m. during the Developers Conference. That timeslot has been scheduled as "To Be Announced," but it seems unlikely that any hardware will be unveiled there.

I'm somewhat surprised that Mac Rumors, a site with quite a bit of credibility, would actually post such an unconfirmed rumor. The timing is completely wrong for any kind of announcement, since the Keynote is only 23 hours earlier, and Powerbook speed bumps aren't even a sure thing.

While the 15" Powerbook has been on track for updates for quite some time now, recent price drops on it and the 12" model have sparked further speculation. I still believe there's sufficient evidence, both in rumors and in facts, to predict PowerPC 970-based Powerbooks being announced along side Powermac 970s.


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