Thursday, June 05, 2003

Jobsian leaks?

According to TechTV, the Wall Street Journal, host of the recent All Things Digital conference, is considering changing the rules for the next conference. And they're blaming Mac bloggers.

As you might remember during the conference word hit the net that Steve Jobs had made some fairly interesting comments. This included the "No cell phones, no PDAs" quote that has pushed forward the end of both those rumors.

Here's the problem, it seems Steve said those things in what are being described as background conversations. That term could very well include his big "rap session" he had during the conference. But whatever it means, it's got the Journal pissed.

Apparently the Journal doesn't want bloggers reporting on the inside workings of the conference. And it seems that Steve's leaked quotes are what ignited the issue. While no action plan appears to have surfaced yet, I wonder how the Journal plans on stopping people from blogging on what they hear.

I guess they're blaming the Mac users because Steve was the only person there with something interesting to say (oh, Little Billy Gates just isn't such a good public speaker!)...


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