Tuesday, June 17, 2003

It's about time!

Yes folks, with less than six days to Steve Jobs WWDC Keynote speech, it's about time we finally saw a Leaked Pic of the new Powermac. It's currently viewable right here.

Now of course, there's no confimation that this is actually a real slightly crumpled picture of the new Powermac, but it does fall in line with recent rumors describing a sleeker look, a metal front (at least it looks metal in the pic), and less obvious handles.

The next step is to see whether or not Apple Legal takes action against the image. I've got a copy of it on my hard drive in case the original goes down.

One interesting note about the pic is that it appears that the model shown (assuming it's an actual Powermac) has only one optical drive. Current Powermacs (Mirrored Drive Door models) have two drives, because many pro users want a SuperDrive as well as fast CD burning or reading.

And thus the calm ends and the storm begins...


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