Tuesday, June 17, 2003

It just keeps coming...

Despite the fact that we're still getting over the supposedly leaked Powermac pictures (see "It's about time!" and "A closer look..." below), another interesting WWDC tidbit has popped up. And it also relates to the Powermac.

A German retailer, Cancom, has decided to advertise new Apple desktops available Monday. The picture doesn't actually depict a new machine, but obviously this adds at least some support to those who believe Apple will not just announce new machines on Monday, but announce immediate availability, too.

While I believe Apple will announce new Powermacs (and Powerbooks) on Monday, I'm not betting on immediate availability. It's possible (and it would be nice), but unlikely.

Back to the German thing: Initially, the ad apparently described the new machine as a "G5" but it doesn't seem to anymore. The ad itself simply depicts a Powermac covered in (ooohhh...) brown paper. The covered Powermac is obviously an existing model.


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