Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Doubts, second guesses, and T-minus 11 days, 16 hours, and 8 minutes...

Oh my! Rumor followers everywhere are jumping into a frenzied panic over something mentioned in today's episode of As the Apple Turns.

Here's what they're panicking about (if you haven't already read it and begun screaming while falling to the floor and curling up in a fetal position):

Meanwhile, we're hearing the faintest rumblings that the Power Mac G5 may actually not be ready for a WWDC introduction after all.
Yes, apparently we're so jumpy from our Starbuck's Double Shot's and Caribou Coffee Chai Teas that "the faintest rumblings" send us into a wild panic.

First, let me calm you down in a nice reassuring way: Calm down, and put down that can of Vanilla Coke.

Alright. Are we all calm now? Good. Because now I'm going to shout at the good people at As the Apple Turns. What the hell?! There. Now I feel better.

Yes, let's not look too far into these "rumblings." Every rumor has its rumblings of doubts, second guesses, illogical conclusions, and conflicting information. That's why they call them "rumors." And some people (like myself) find them quite entertaining.

All rumors have rumblings. We've now established that. Also, some people have pointed out that this only refers to whether the Powermacs are ready to sell. Apple could easily announce new Powermacs at the WWDC Keynote, start taking pre-orders, and then start shipping them in four to eight weeks (al la the 17" Powerbook back at MWSF). The same thing applies to Xserves and Powerbooks.

So, there's really no reason to panic over these "rumblings." For all we know, they could be a ploy by Apple to divert our attention from the fact that an additional 30 minutes has been tacked on Steve Jobs's keynote speech.

Remember, these rumblings are rumors themselves. And, come on!, how accurate are rumors?! Wait... that came out wrong...


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