Monday, June 02, 2003

Discount clues?

Earlier today, Apple lowered the price tag on the 12 and 15 inch Powerbooks by $200 to $300 (depending on model), and now everyone's speculating.

As you probably know, Apple tends to discount models it intends to revise, replace, or upgrade in the near future. The 12 inch Powerbook was announced at MWSF back in January along with the 17 inch model, and neither have been updated since. The 15 inch Powerbook hasn't been updated since last November when a slot-loading SuperDrive was introduced.

A very recent rumor from Kodawarisan claimed that 15 inch G4 Powerbooks would released at a special event in June, although I doubt that rumor is correct. The fact that today's price-drop included the 12 inch model provides a lot of support for Powerbook 970 rumors, instead.

There's now a very good argument building for a joint Powermac/Powerbook (and perhaps Xserve) 970 announcement (and possibly release) at the WWDC Keynote speech on June 23. As you probably know, MacUnderground has supported Powerbook 970 rumors for quite a while now, and today's news just fuels that position.

Considering MacWhispers new report regarding the 970 price structure (see "IBM Assimilation" below) and this latest move, I suspect there will be even more attention poured into 970 rumors and speculation over the next couple of weeks.

Apple calls the new Powerbooks prices: "Get more for less." Maybe they should try "Buy at your own risk" instead...


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