Thursday, June 19, 2003

The codename game...

Note: This quick little post is all about "Boxes, Blackrider, and more...", which you would be wise to read first (if you haven't already).

On the topic of Q6, codenames like that generally follow a certain group of products. The best example involves the letter "P":

iMac DV (P7), iMac G4 (P80), iMac 17" (P79), eMac (P69) Original iBook (P1), FireWire iBook (P1.5), Original Chiclet iBook (P29), Second Chiclet iBook (P92), 14" iBook (P54).

If you go even further back, there's the Pismo (P8), The Gigibit Ethernet TiBook (P25), the current TiBook (P88), the original MDD Powermacs (P57 and P58), and the 23" Cinema display (P63).

The closest reference to the letter Q is the in Powerbook G3 that came after the "Wallstreet" model. It was codenamed "PDQ".

I feel kinda stupid for forgetting this, but the Newton (130 and 2000 in Mactracker) was codenamed Q! There was no number afterwards, but it further suggests that Q6 may be some kind of portable device.


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