Tuesday, June 17, 2003

A closer look...

First, you might want to read the post "It's about time!" below (if you haven't already).

Anyhoo, rumor followers have been taking a good long look at the supposedly leaked picture of the new Powermac that appeared on an AngelFire site earlier today. The picture has since disappeared (of course), and now the question on everybody's mind is: "Was it real?"

My guesstimation of an answer is "NO" (the caps aren't meant to be shouting, but just dramatic emphasis). While many have simply decided the thing is ugly, there are real reasons it doesn't see right. Most notably (and this was noted in the first post) is the fact that the model appears to only have one optical drive. Current Powermacs have two.

While it's true that some parts of the Powermac pic do correlate with recent rumors (mostly the handle design and metal front), many parts don't. For instance, there's no front-side ports (i.e. FireWire, USB, headphones, etc.), which have been reportedly added to the new Powermac models. And, while the picture doesn't provide an accurate view of the case's materials (it looks like a bad crumpled Xerox, for those who have seen it; the person who posted it claims he had to smuggle it out in his pants), it appears that the whole machine is metal or metalic-y. Recent descriptions have had only the front being made of Powerbook-style aluminum.

While it is possible to take the time and try to justify this machine, I wouldn't recommend wasting your energy doing so. Considering the low picture quality and the inaccuracies with many recent rumors, I doubt it's the real deal.

Besides, it's plain ugly...


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