Monday, June 16, 2003


This is very important to anyone who has gained access to a copy of Safari v80, and isn't supposed to have access to a copy of Safari v80.

My advice is to, if you enjoy surfing with Safari, not install v80. My copy of v80 began crashing, frequently. I then learned that not just can I not replace it with the Beta 2 from Apple's website, but I also can't reinstall it. Ouch.

That said, I only installed v80 knowing the risks involved. I'm not surprised that something went wrong. So, until Apple releases the next Public version of Safari (most likely the official version 1.0) I'll be using good ol' Chimera 0.6 to surf the net.

Let me just be clear: If you haven't installed v80, don't. If you have installed it, don't try to get rid of it. You know, I'm thinking there just might be a reason Apple doesn't want people downloading these untested builds...


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