Thursday, June 19, 2003

Boxes, Blackrider, and more...

After weeks and weeks of extremely accurate rumors regarding software releases from Apple, Think Secret has finally chimed in with some amazing WWDC rumors.

First up, the Powermac. TS says that Apple is depleting supplies of the 1.42 and 1 GHz G4 models. However, like most of us, TS is generally in the dark about a release date of the new machines. Many rumor site and followers stopped considering immediate availability when eWeek reported that a Mac OS X update codenamed "Smeagol" (for those who don't get the reference, it's Gollum's real name from Lord of the Rings) wouldn't be ready for about a month (it's assumed that Smeagol is needed to run the PowerPC 970).

And here's something that anyone (myself included) going to watch the Keynote at an Apple Store will appreciate. TS has basically confirmed that Apple Stores across the country are receiving top secret "Do not open until WWDC" boxes, that vary in size. Still, the contents of these boxes are unknown.

The article goes on to support Powerbook 15" rumors and begins to talk about the new iChat update codenamed "Viceroy", including a webcam codenamed "Q8", and a new iPhoto update codenamed "Momento" (that's right, a whole bunch of codenames...).

But here's the best part: There are two mysterious announcements that may surface at WWDC that TS seems to know very little about, besides their codenames. The hardware is "Q6" and may be linked to some kind of Mac OS X update codenamed "Blackrider".

Some people have shrown around the idea that "Q6" may be a new digital camera, linked to the "Momento" iPhoto update. But there's no real thoughts on what "Blackrider" might be.

Obviously things are getting very interesting as we approach the WWDC Stevenote.


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