Friday, June 06, 2003

A bit of a pointless editorial note...

According to MacMinute, a new Mac magazine is being launched in the UK. It's called iCreate.

Yeah, that's exactly what we need, something else with a lower-case "i" at the beginning of its name. Even Apple realizes that the whole "i" thing is getting kinda old (although "iMac" and "iBook" are still great uses of the "i").

Yes, this doesn't serve much purpose as a post, but I'm getting sick of this "gratuitous use of the letter i" thing. You know it's starting to go too far when the PC companies pick it up. Hell, Apple should sue companies that use the letter for copyright infringement (we're looking at you Disney...). Next thing you know, IBM will change its name to iBM.

At least we can rest assured that with products like Keynote and Safari, Apple is realizing the limitations of the letter "i." Let's just hope "e" doesn't catch on...


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