Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Apple Legal doesn't strike?!

At least not yet they haven't. But I should explain first (the key would be to read "And the storm rages on...", "A closer look...", and "It's about time!" first, if you haven't alread):

Mac Rumors has posted, via a link on their homepage, the supposedly leaked (via pants) pic of the suppposedly new Powermac. It's being done so that people who missed the pic earlier can grab a look at it, and to see what Apple's infamous Legal Department will do about it.

The pic disappeared from the site where it was initially posted not long after the rumor surfaced (to be exact, the site itself disappeared, pic and all). As of now, there's still no evidence that it was the work of a "Cease and Desist" order from Apple Legal. It appears that whomever posted the pic, simply took his site down.

Now the pic has been up at Mac Rumors for several hours, with no action from Apple. Considering the fact that the rumor is now over eight hours old, action would most likely have been taken ASAP if action was to be taken at all (sorry, that was just a little wordy). Obviously, Apple would want a real pic to be taken off the internet immediately in order to protect the secrecy behind this massive keynote.

All things considered, there's now a growing mountain of evidence against this pic being real. Many people now point out that the pic's printing press look was added after the creases in it. Unless Apple is suddenly printing newspaper ads on used paper, I'd say we're looking at one big fake (of course, I've been saying that for several hours...).


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