Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Another storm on the horizon...

After dealing with some really crazy rumors - particularly that of the supposedly pants leaked Powermac photo (see "It's about time!", "A closer look...", "And the storm rages on...", and "Apple Legal doesn't strike?!" below) - things have cooled off slightly this morning. But there's more to come...

Mac Rumors has already gotten to work on the next set of rumors that are just beginning to surface. Here's what caught my attention:

Apparently AppleInsider has gone just a little nuts. They posted an article which they later hit with a disclaimer telling people not try and read between the lines (like you would with the weird "One Infinite Cantina" article), and noting that many parts of the article had nothing to do with the WWDC.

There's also still some interest in Cancom's Powermac teaser, which appears to be the more reliable of the two major rumors from yesterday (Confused by that sentence? Then read "It just keeps coming..." below).

And (saving the best for last) today's big rumor (as of 9:30 a.m.):
Mac Rumors has found a very interesting report from (apparently the story has since been removed from that site) claiming to have a description of the new Powermacs. The description comes from someone at a retailer (European, I think) who snuck a look at the new 970 Powermacs. It's best to read the whole description (and to do so with a grain of salt) at Mac Rumors Page 2. Here are the most notable parts (be sure to be a little skeptical as you read):

- The words: "PowerMacintosh 970" actually appear on the unit. This goes against some recent rumors claiming Apple would stick with the "G" naming system. Many people have also pointed out that Apple either uses "PowerMac" or "Power Macintosh" on Pro boxes. It's unknown whether the lack of a space is intentional or a type-o.

- The machine's body comes in two versions, one with grey plastic and one with white plastic. It's unknown why Apple would use two different colors. The casing is also said to feature the aluminum front panel common to almost all recent rumors.

- There are spaces for five drives, optical or hard drive. These drives can apparently be pulled out and rotated in order to switch from a tower to desktop position. Just a little unusual...

- Ports, etc.: On the front, one FireWire 800, headphones, mic, three "Apple typical" buttons, bluetooth logo (more on Bluetooth later), and a chromed speaker (hmmm... Quicksilver comes to mind there...).
On the back: One FireWire 800, one FireWire 800 (that's not a type-o on my part, but it may be on the part of the original author; they may have meant one FireWire 400 and one 800), two USB 1.1, one USB 2.0, ethernet, ADC, DVI, four diagonal PCI slots, speaker connector, and mic (again?).
Some people have pointed out that USB 2.0 is backwards compatible, and thus there is no reason for the 1.1 ports. That said, it's a known fact that Apple wants people to adopt FireWire over USB 2.0 (just an observation).

- And (it just doesn't end) a aluminum/white keyboard and a wireless mouse (the other reference to Bluetooth) with two buttons and apparently some kind of aluminum scroll wheel.

Had enough for one post?

The general feeling is that people like the new description better than they like yesterday's picture (which is now basically confirmed fake), but they're being skeptical, which is a good idea. While this sounds nice (and weird), there's no info to back it up right now.

Even if it isn't an accurate description (which is a good possibility), it's still very interesting. Obviously, there's much more to come in these last five days.


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