Tuesday, June 17, 2003

And the storm rages on...

First, make sure you've read all of today's posts. This basically makes references to all of them.

On the subject of the supposedly leaked (via a pants stuffing) Powermac pic:
While there is a case to be made for the now pulled pic, there's an ever greater case (in my humble opinion, at least) to be made against it. If you can get past the fishy "I shoved it in my pants" story, you have to deal with the fact that many parts of the pic don't add up. This includes some image problems around one of the handles and the Apple logo. Also, you have to consider the recent rumor that it doesn't fit with (there are quite a few). And then there's the fact that it's got just one slot-loading optical drive...

On the fallout of the leaked (once again, via a pants stuffing) pic:
The Mac Forums at Mac Rumors was down for over an hour under the pressure of heavy traffic. There's a real debate over justification of the image and whether or not it's real. It should also be noted that after claiming there was a report to support the pic's accuracy, Mac Rumors has doubled back and now says that there are significant doubts that the pic is real.

Just think, if this is effect of an apparently fake pic, imagine what a real one will do...


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