Saturday, May 10, 2003

You might need a telescope...

As promised, the "Rumor Watch" has been updated. The iPod software rumor has been altered to reflect the fact that it won't be version 2.0 and may just be 1.3 for Windows (truth be told, we'll just have to wait and see). Whatever the update is, it's on its way as soon as this week.

The two new rumors have been added, but they're both over a month away (hence the telescope). They refer to the PowerPC 970 release at the WWDC Stevenote on June 23. I think there's sufficient evidence not just to suggest there'll be Powermac announcements, but also Powerbook ones.

iBook (see "Long live the G3?" below) and Mini-Tablet/DLD rumors are just too vague and speculative to put on the "Rumor Watch" right now.

Ah, site news and speculation all in one.


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